Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, B.A., Scenography, Florence, 1976.
Artistic Lyceum, High School Diploma, Catanzaro, 1972.

Mostre Personali

2015 – Venti d’Autore Cultural Association, “Antrhopology.” Catanzaro, Italy.
2011 – Galleria Parentesi Studia, Vittorio Veneto, Italy.
2010 – Galleria La Saletta, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.
2007 – Addolorata Church, “On Exhibition,” Olivadi, Italy.
2004 – Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce, Italy.
1996 – Galleria Mattia Preti, Catanzaro, Italy.
1995 – Galleria Arte Viva, Paris, France.
1994 – Pinacoteca of the territory of Catanzaro, “Opere 1991-1994,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1993 – Galleria del Candelaio, Florence, Italy.
1992 – Gerace Cathedral, “The Creation,” Gerace, Italy.
1990 – ARCA Association, “La Veglia di Zeus,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1985 – Murat Castle, Pizzo Calabro, Italy.
1984 – Galleria Mattia Preti, “Post-atomic,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1982 – Galleria Mattia Preti, “Painting Exhibition,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1979 – ARCA Association, Catanzaro, Italy.

Mostre collettive

2018 – New York, Agora Gallery “The Figure and Unknow Places”

2014 – Museo Marca, “Permanenze. 1974-2014. Gruppo Mauthausen.” Curated by Alberto Fiz. Catanzaro, Italy.
2012 – Castello Estense, “Casting,” Ferrara, Italy.
2009 – Galleria Zeusi, “La Passione dell’Arte,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2009 – Galleria la Spadarina, Piacenza, Italy.
2008 – Catanzaro Cathedral, Italy.
2008 – Museo San Giovanni, “The Mauthausen Group,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2008 – “Art Biennale,” Lamezia Terme, Italy.
2007 – Vetralla Cultural Association, “Contemporary Art,” Vetralla, Italy.
2007 – Castello Estense, “Arte per Aria,” Ferrara, Italy.
2007 – Galleria L’Angelo Azzurro, Rome, Italy.
2006 – Fazzari Palace, “Selection for the exhibition at the 7th International Art Biennale of Rome,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2006 – Cloister of Bramante, “7th International Art Biennale,” Rome, Italy.
2005 – International Art Fair EXPO Forlì, Italy.
2005 – Palace of Tourism, “Arte e Motori,” Riccione, Italy.
2004 – Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, “Holy Art Exhibition,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2003 – Grand Palais, Association Salon d’Automne, Paris, France.
2003 – International Art Fair Parma, “Artisti in Fiera,” Parma, Italy.
2001 – Museo San Giovanni, “Nuvole Ombre Segni,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2000 – Galleria Prometeo, “International Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Catanzaro, Italy.
2000 – Palazzo del Toscano, “The Other Reality,” Catania, Italy.
1999 – Galleria Mattia Preti, “Atemporal Painting,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1998 – Centre Universitaire Mediterranée, “Oeuvres,” Nice, France.
1998 – Congress Palace, “Frammenti d’Arte,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1997 – Centro d’Arte e Cultura Bruzio, “Collettiva D’Arte di Grafica-Pittura e Scultura, Artisti Calabresi ad Antibes,” Cape d’Antibes, France.
1997 – Centro d’Arte e Cultura Bruzio, “Collettiva D’Arte di Grafica-Pittura e Scultura, Artisti Calabresi ad Antibes,” Gioia Tauro, Italy Premio Calabria America.
1996 – 1999 Founding Member and Artistic Director of the Sinopia Art Gallery, Catanzaro, Italy.
1995 – Stilo Pinacoteca – Francesco Cozza Association– Stilo, Italy.
1994 – Congress Palace, “Solido,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1994 – Represented by Galleria Mirart of Trieste at Art Fair EXPO Bologna, Italy.
1994 – Represented by Galleria Mirart of Trieste at Art Fair EXPO Vicenza, Italy.
1993 – “En Plein Air,” San Ferdinando, Italy.
1993 – Galleria del Candelaio, “Interaction between Reality and Symbol,” Florence, Italy.
1992 – Naxos Gardens, “Exhibition Painting” Taormina, Italy.
1991 – The Bourbonic Steelworks, Mongiana, Italy.
1990 – Galleria Mattia Preti, “Imago Sommi,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1989 – 1987 Traveling Ehibitions: Happening “The Imaginary” and “Between Art and Music,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1986 – 1988 Founding Member of the Eventus Artespazio Art Gallery. The gallery hosted the opening to Mimmo Rotella first solo exhibition in Catanzaro, his birth city.
1985 – Galleria Mattia Preti, “Mostra di Pittura,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1974 – Catanzaro Province Palace “Catanzaro ‘74 alternativa di gruppo. La violenza oggi… ed un’ipotesi di pace,” Catanzaro, Italy.
1974 – Present Member of the Mauthausen Group, Catanzaro, Italy.


Campo dei Fiori. National Art Critic Award. First Place. Galleria Angelo Azzurro. Rome, Italy, 2007

Selected artist for the 7th International Art Biennale at Cloister of Bramante. Galleria Mattia Preti. Catanzaro, Italy, 2006

First Place Award. Centre Universitaire Mediterranée. Nice, France, 1998

Calabria America Award. Centro d’Arte e Cultura Bruzio and Union Franco Italienne d' Antibes, Gioia Tauro, Italy, 1997

Venere Gravettiana Award. First Place. Art and Culture Academy. Taormina, Italy, 1994

En Plein Air Award. En Plein Air Cultural Association. San Ferdinando, Italy, 1993

Solo Exhibition Award. First Place. Galleria del Candelaio. Florence, 1993

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